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Aidan Osborn
New Client!

Hi Shawn & Marcus,

I have been working out for around 5 years and have never once used preworkout…. I was always against it. Recently, I have been seeing a decline in my workouts due to lack of energy. After seeing your TikTok’s and watching a lot of Timm’s videos drinking your pre every morning, I gave in. I am so happy that I did, I am already seeing a huge impact in the gym and I absolutely love the flavor. It is so smooth and I genuinely enjoy drinking it. I mix in some creatine with it which has made consuming the creatine easy.

I am excited to consume what I have so I can give the other flavors a try.

Keep killing it gents !

Aidan Osborn

Andy Peter
Best pre on the market

Been using Minted's pre workout for a couple of years after trying many others. Gives you the steady energy you need, but with great mental clarity. Will never use a different brand

Timm Chiusano
Best On The Planet

There is not a cleaner, more consistent pre workout on the planet. This has fully replaced any other caffeine source for me and is a daily supplement and "coffee" all in one for me. The taste is excellent. The tub is perfectly shaped for storage and use. This product checks all the boxes.

Ryan Hughes
It's Gas

Great pre-workout, has what you need, nothing that you don't. The BA takes getting used to but if you like the tingles, it's a great product. I prefer to take a half a scoop to keep caffeine intake lower and it works for me/makes the tub last longer.

Jack Wylie

Tastes delicious. Fantastic pump